Thanks to the research & development and its technical manufacturing, RCF has contributed a large part to the history of sound and today after 60 years RCF still plays a major part in the international electro-acoustics industries technological advancements. Since our foundation we have always shared the knowledge, experience and skill of our engineers for training activities, seminars, demonstrations and for Customers support in the design of complex systems.. Today, this activity is organized and presented as RCF AUDIO ACADEMY: a series of intense seminars made by RCF product specialists and engineers directly in the Company’s headquarters and laboratories. From professional audio and touring to the commercial audio installations and congress systems, the common denominator of the RCF AUDIO ACADEMY seminars is a high level of audio understanding and knowledge.

Our courses

Safety e security nei grandi eventi
Fiera MIR Rimini
6 MAGGIO 2019
Sound Engineering University Course
Mixing with RCF Mixers
Fixed installation
Live events
Sound diffusion and evacuation systems
Home Studio e Monitor
Messa in funzione di un impianto allarme vocale
Ottimizzazione di un sistema elettroacustico
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