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The object of the seminar is to provide a closer look at large room acoustics and the knowledge and competency to design a suitable  a professional sound reinforcement system, capable of achieving the correct coverage and intelligibility. System commissioning, tuning and optimization will be discussed as well.


  • Acoustics of interior environments
    Reflection, transmission and absorption of sound, different materials absorption coefficient, Energy time curve, early reflection, reverberant field, reverberation time (RT) and critical distance. RT prediction.
  • Sound Reinforcement Systems
    Loudspeaker systems selection criteria (constant directivity, cluster, line array) and types of sound reinforcement systems (L-R, L-C-R, distributed system, surround). Sizing of the sound system (coverage angles, sound pressure level, uniformity, headroom). Delay lines (use of delay lines, delay calculation).
  • Amplifiers and Cables
    Passive speakers, cables and wiring, amplifier and system configuration, notes on active loudspeakers.
  • Setup
    Signal processors, crossover, equalization and phase alignment of professional speaker systems.
  • Software Simulations
    Significant data , Q factors (direct and total SPL, intelligibility) and calculation formulas, how to read and compare results.


The courses are only taking place in the RCF Audio Academy premises.
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The participation to the courses is free.
Time: from 10.00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The number of applicants is restricted and subjected to RCF approval.