To register your product on the RCF website you must be registered as "USER".

If you are not registered as user go to STEP ONE, otherwise go directly to STEP TWO.

STEP ONE - User registration
1) Look on the right of this page, and check at the Login form
2) Press “register”
3) You will be automatically redirected to a registration form
4) Please fill in the registration form and press “SAVE”
5) Now you can procede with your product registration going to STEP TWO

STEP TWO - Product registration
1) Go to
2) Login with your e-mail address and the password you chose for your user registration
3) After login you will be automatically re-directed to your “user dashboard” where you will see:
- your user registration tab
- your courses tab
- your product registration tab
4) Please press the “product registration” tab to enter into the dedicated section
5) Now you can register your item using the serial number printed on the hologram placed on the back of your products.



If you need support please contact:

You can find below the VERIFY SERIAL tool. Thanks to this you can verify if your RCF product is original.

Remember to register your products following the instructions on the left. 


Verify serial